Who We Are?

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we live our lives and has impressed upon us the need to truly ‘Know Your Health,’ more than ever.

Malady is a technology-enabled, data-driven healthcare solution provider that connects people with localized labs and physicians to deliver a seamless and efficient experience. From testing to results, we offer comprehensive coverage; empowering patients with information, guidance and tools needed to make personal choices and decisions regarding their health securely with end-to-end encryption.

We aim to enhance the performance of healthcare systems and improve the overall well-being of the people and communities that we are privileged to serve, thus, offering you the ease of access to COVID-19 diagnostic tests, Proof of Vaccination certificates and your overall health records, all in one place.

Our Projects

Malady App

Whether you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or require a test for travel, work, school, or peace of mind, Malady lets you book an appointment for COVID-19 testing, whenever and wherever you want. We also help you with the collection, storage and sharing of your personal health records in a safe and secure manner, following HIPAA compliance.

Malady LIMS

Looking to mitigate lab integration and interoperability challenges, Malady provides rapid, functional and secure connectivity to clinics and their respective electronic medical records (EMRs). Offering you a cost-effective unified and secure approach to EMR integration and lab outreach, we can help you manage laboratory samples and associated data, standardize workflows, reduce human error and increase efficiency via automation.

What are the Benefits of Using Malady?

Ease of Online Booking

Get access to all the clinics near your area and book an online appointment as per your convenience, on a day and time slot of your choice.

Speedy Testing with Zero Wait Time

We offer you a minimum wait time, walk-in - walk-out experience. Just get your sample collected with no need for physical visits for obtaining test results, they will be delivered to your Malady account directly.

Seamless and Secure Medical Records

Access your health test and immunization records anytime, anywhere securely and seamlessly. We are HIPAA compliant, which means that you have absolute control over who can access or view your records.

Wide Testing Variety and Multiple Booking Options

We provide a wide variety of COVID-19 testing options, such as RT-PCR, Antigen, Antibody and PCR Tests. You can even book multiple tests for family members, hassle-free.

Our Company

Book any test, anytime, anywhere with a user-friendly, easy to access mobile application.
Furnish Proof of Vaccination or your current test result so that you can return to travel, work, school, and life.
Eliminate manual operations, increase efficiency, reduce error rates, and promote regulatory compliance with our Laboratory Information Management System.
Quick customized reports to fit each client’s specific needs with a simple click.
Upload patient reports in a batch for multiple customers and clients thereby reducing the turnaround time.

Our Testing Location

Easily Book Appointment

  • Gulfport Test Site
    330 15th St., Gulfport,
    MS 39501
  • Slidell Test Site
    109 Smart PI, Slidell,
    LA 70458
  • Canal Test Site
    1539 Canal St, New Orleans,
    LA 70112

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